Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Common Hair Care Mistakes and What To Do Instead

If your hair could talk what would it tell you? 

What mistakes would it reveal you are making? 

What tricks or other tress moves would it ask you to figure out? 

What hair care techniques or products would it suggest? 

Let's see if we can't quickly cover maybe 7 or 8 little things you can do or stop doing. Look at this as small tips that can make all the difference in how your locks look.  Getting these right can be the difference between stand out hair and well, you know, hair that is anything but outstanding.

Like those looking for more body or more movement. You can't go wrong with layered cuts.  Especially if you have fine hair that needs all the volumizing help it can get.  They are a great hairstyle for that thinner hair type.  What's more they can make sexy and wind swept your everyday look and is there anything wrong with that?

Beauty smarties also just seem to know if you don't want to fight your hair you must learn to love styles that work with its natural texture. Like bangs and curly hair. Any recent cosmetology school grad can explain why they usually don't mix. Should you go there you can spend hours every day trying to make the bangs behave.  Fail at that and you're facing the world with an untamed mane right there front and center. 

Want to wash less?  Good plan.  If that is your intension get behind braids.  They are good for preserving the health of your strands.  So if you're at medium length or longer, that is more or less all one length, you could be a good braided hair candidate.  It's a great style for those looking to lather less because boho braids work great with second day hair.  And even one day a week without sudsing up can do wonders for the health of your hair.  Plus there are many ways to do them that are all absolutely so cute that can make you look like you spent hours on your hair when most plaits don't require anywhere near that much time or attention.

Okay then here are three clues your hair needs help.  If you are seeing more hair in the shower drain that's possibly a sign it's distressed and breaking off more easily than it should.  If it seems your blow out is taking near forever that may be signaling your strands are stressed, more porous and so absorbing more water than they should. Then if your comb doesn't glide through your wet hair like it used to that might be telling you the cuticles are roughed up making them more susceptible to tangles.  In all cases TLC is called for stat.

Then as they say an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.  The move here for swimmers is to soak your hair in tap water before diving in.  By being wet already it is less likely to lap up either salt or chlorine.  And don't forget a quick post pool rinse - if nothing else with bottled water.  For sure you don't want to let the sun bake in any harmful chemicals into your strands. 

Those looking to bring on the shine should know that apple cider vinegar will wipe away mineral deposits and chlorine almost like magic.  Good to know should you forget to presoak before hitting the water poolside or need to polish up your locks.

Want to skip the dry hair routine?  Then skip styling products that are loaded with alcohol.  Simple as that. Failing to do so puts you squarely on the path to dehydrated strands.  Problem is it's found in most volumizing products (think mousse) or those designed to help with hold (think hair sprays).  So read labels religiously.  And use moisturizing leave in conditioners and styling creams often to help with the hydration required for silky, shiny perfection. 

If you've finally broken your tanning bed addiction then you know UV rays are bad for your skin.  But did you know excessive exposure to them can leave your hair frail, pale and more prone to split ends?  This is why you want to invest in better than decent UV blocking sprays which should be applied 20 minutes before heading for the great outdoors.  Beyond that a pretty scarf or beach hat can put a physical barrier between those precious strands and the sun.  This will also help prevent brassiness should you color. 

Did you know there are little things that can lead to bigger problems?  Things you might not even think about.  Like how dropping the strap to your purse on your shoulder without first flicking your hair your of the way can eventually lead to more breakage.  Or washing your hair as the lacquer on your nails starts to fail can mean snagging.  Avoid hair saboteurs like these if you can.

Looking to save your shade?  Stay out of the sun.  Cozy up to a color depositing conditioner.  Wash less with a color safe shampoo for color treated hair.  Bring faded locks back to life with a tea rinse.  Brunettes will want to pick up black tea.  Red heads should look for Celestial Seasonings' Red Zinger.  While blondes can benefit from rinsing in chamomile tea.  You can also brighten light shades by mixing lemon juice into your leave in conditioner.  Work into damp hair then sun dry. 

Even things in the medicine can't aren't exactly what you'd call hair friendly.  Like your birth control pills.  Those little hormonal wonders can cause hair thinning for some.  Actually any change in your hormone score card can trigger hair loss.  Which is why some who newly pregnant also experience temporary hair fall. 

And notice I didn't even touch on things like hot styling tools which can be a real beautification menace.  Or what seemingly innocent hair brushes can do.  Or the perils that await those into straightening, perming or coloring like clockwork. 

Anyway we all not so secretly desire a silky soft, well behaved mane that is oh so touchable.  Paying attention to dos and don'ts like these can help you get the lustrous locks you seek.